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(Re-accredited by NAAC with 'B++' Grade (III Cycle), Affiliated to University of Mysore)


Women’s Hostel


The College offers qualitative higher education to mould Students character and achieve steadfastness and economic freedom. It also encourages the students to be independent, self-reliant by identifying the hidden talent. Since most of the students admitted to the college are from far villages, lack of proper transportation facilities causes many hurdles to the students to reach the college and it is also very difficult for them to travel every day. Hence the college has provided Hostel facilities for girl students with the following facilities.


  • Well-furnished rooms for three and four members sharing with common bath rooms and hot water in each floor.
  • Spacious hall for comfortable dining with TV
  • Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner
  • Outdoor games
  • Round the clock security system
  • Purified drinking water
  • UPS


  • Students who require hostel accommodation should pay the hostel deposits, room rent and other hostel charges for the full term at the time of joining.
  • Mess charges will be based on monthly dividing system.
  • The allotment of rooms will be made on a first come, first served basis.
  • No change is permitted unless the concerned authorities are personally satisfied that such a change can be allowed. Permission has to be accorded in writing. They should get the room allotted and occupy the room before commencement of the next term.
  • Once admission process gets over, the furniture & fittings are handed over to their charge. At the time of leaving the hostel during or after completion of the course, students required to hand over the furniture and fittings to the hostel office and will be chargeable for any damages.
  • No extra furniture or electrical fittings are allowed in the rooms without the written permission of the Warden. Fines will be levied if found damaging hostel property such as electrical and plumbing fittings, furniture etc.
  • Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Members are required to bring their own mattresses, mosquito nets and other necessary items. Though watch and ward arrangements are provided, the hostel shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the resident’s property or things.
  • The occupants are requested to bring their own lock and key for locking their respective rooms and will be responsible for the safety of their belongings.
  • Members who expect to be away from the hostel for any periods shall inform the Warden in writing of their absence along with the probable time of their return.
  • Notice of intention to vacate a room must be given in writing.
  • Students who have been allotted new rooms will have to shift to the new accommodation within two days from the date of allotment and hand over the possession of old room or cancel the new allotment in writing.
  • The security deposit is refunded only at the end of the final year when the student leaves the hostel. This deposit is subject to deduction of cost of any loss / damage to the furniture & fittings.
  • Students shall not keep any valuables or objectionable articles in the rooms.
  • Students shall not write or display questionable slogans, posters, flags in his/her room or anywhere in the premises.
  • Rooms/premises are to be kept clean.
  • Residents will have to pay the hostel deposits / fees as applicable.
  • Students shall vacate the hostel as soon as they complete their course.
  • Students have to respect the Hostel warden and authorities at all times.
  • Students need to inform the hostel authorities immediately in case of any emergencies.
  • Daily evening prayer will be held and it’s compulsory to all the student to attend.
  • Strictly no scribbling or writing on the walls or along the corridors of the hostel.
  • Yoga is compulsory for every student.
  • The guardian of the student should be an outsider, not any faculty member or senior student of the college.
  • Any student caught breaking the mentioned rules, will be brought to the notice of Chief  Executive of college  campus  and appropriate actions will be taken  as per the directions
  • The guardian/parents need to bring their ID card whenever they visit their children.
  • Strictly no usage of phone after 10pm.
  • The hostel authorities will not be responsible for any self-harm actions of any student.


  • Hostel members should use water and electricity economically.
  • Heaters or similar electrical appliances are not allowed. They should not meddle with the fittings already in their rooms or make any additional connections.
  • Members should avoid causing disturbances to other residents.
  • If it is absolutely necessary to go out, she shall make an application in writing to the Warden stating the reason to obtain prior permission.
  • Any type of loud talking, shouting, singing, playing musical instruments or indulging in activities that would affect the peaceful atmosphere required for studies is prohibited.
  • Guests/Parents are not allowed to stay in the rooms along with the students.
  • The students should not waste food.





Chief warden Warden Head Cook Cook Cleaning staff
01 01 01 01 01

Intake Capacity

3 Students 4 Students 6 Students
09 Rooms 15 Rooms 03 Rooms

Other Facilities 

Office Room Warden Room Cook Room Dining Hall Toilets Bathroom
01 01 01 01 10 08
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